Jon Roach » Natural relaxed wedding photography in Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire

About Christchurch wedding photographer Jon Roach

If you’re looking for a Hampshire or Dorset wedding photographer, you may have looked at a load of wedding photographers’ websites and seen a daunting combination of amazing photos, gorgeous products, and convoluted “packages” that make your head spin, so you’d be forgiven for thinking we’re all alike.  So here’s why I’m different:

I’m naturally a laid back kind of person.  Together with a wealth of experience as a Hampshire and Dorset wedding photographer this means I’m calm, relaxed and friendly, probably the kind of person you’d like to have with you all day on one of the most important days of your life.

I’m professionally qualified with the British Institute of Professional Photography, which gives you peace of mind that you’re dealing with a professional photographer committed to training, development, and a high standard of service.

I’m mostly quiet and retiring, except if you need me to come out of my shell.  My mother-in-law also once described me as “personable”, which is, I’m sure you’ll agree, an amazing recommendation.  (Oh, and I have a dry sense of humour.)  For you, this means I blend into the background, quietly getting the shots that will become your unforgettable story.   But I can also get 150 people organised into a group shot quickly and efficiently without spoiling everyone’s day by being the Bossy Photographer of wedding hell legend.  (I don’t own a megaphone!)

I also realise that your wedding day is about you and the people who love you.  Great photographs are important but they’re not the reason you’re getting married.  That would be the amazing person you’re going to share the rest of your life with.  So I’ll let your day unfold in front of me -and let the day direct the photographer – not the other way around.  Your wedding won’t be a high-pressure fashion shoot, darlings.

So there it is – like everyone else, I take fabulous photos (and I’m so modest), I offer a wide range of gorgeous albums, top-quality wall art and other products, and I’m competitively priced.  And I’m calm, friendly, qualified, and unobtrusive with it!  If that’s the kind of wedding photographer you’d like, please get in touch!