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    Unforgettable stories told by Jon Roach LBIPP (photographer) and Becky (album designer). We specialise in wedding and portrait photography in Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire including Bournemouth, Southampton, and Salisbury. This is where we post our news, special offers, and highlights. For portfolios and pricing, head over to our website. To get in touch, use the email link at the top of this page or the contact link on our website. Enjoy looking around

Stockbridge wedding at the Grosvenor Hotel

I’d love to share with you the unforgettable story of the Stockbridge wedding of Zoe and Darren at the Grosvenor Hotel.

This was my first opportunity to do some Stockbridge wedding photography at the Grosvenor Hotel so, as ever, I made sure to make a recce trip beforehand.  It was great to meet up with Zoe so we could go through some specific shots that Zoe wanted.  The recce trip was also a good opportunity to check out the Grosvenor Hotel in general and introduce myself to the lovely people there.

I was with Zoe and Darren from early in the day until the start of their wedding breakfast – getting lots of details while Zoe got ready in her room, taking some informal family portraits around the hotel with Darren, and then shooting the ceremony with some more formal group portraits afterwards while the guests enjoyed champagne and canapés.

Afterwards we sneaked away for some portraits of just Zoe and Darren.  We started in the grounds of the Grosvenor Hotel and then went for a stroll through Stockbridge until we reached a spot we’d agreed beforehand would be lovely for some portraits.  I do love wandering through town with a couple – it’s so lovely when passers-by stop to congratulate the couple.

Once we’d had our fun with the portrait shoot I let Zoe and Darren go back and prepare for their wedding breakfast, and I quickly shot some of the details of their table layouts and the cake, before finishing up with a staged cake cutting and I was on my way.

I delivered Zoe and Darren both colour and black-and-white photos from their Grosvenor Hotel wedding on a USB stick in a customised case.  I love some of the black-and-whites.  Colour’s important to your wedding, and I’ll always tell the story of the colours of your wedding, but when it comes to documenting the emotions of the day, nothing does it like black-and-white.  It strips away all the distractions and just lets you concentrate on faces and expressions.  So I’ve included a whole lot of black-and-white in the little slideshow of Zoe and Darren’s Stockbridge wedding.

Thanks so much to Zoe and Darren for choosing to share their Stockbridge wedding day with me!  I hope you love their photos.

If you need a photographer for your Stockbridge wedding, please get in touch – email, phone or use the contact link on the right!


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Bournemouth Gay Wedding Photography

Bournemouth gay wedding photography

Gay wedding photography in Bournemouth in a documentary style

If you are looking for Bournemouth gay wedding photography, Christchurch photographer Jon Roach has a friendly and professional approach, and as with all couples, we adapt our approach to give you the service you would like as you demonstrate your shared love in a wedding with your friends and family.

Jon provides gay friendly wedding photography throughout Hampshire and Dorset.

Jon’s documentary approach aims to tell the story of your wedding day through emotion, mood, and tone, and gives you a true record of your wedding and all that happened on that amazing day.  Jon’s approach aims to be very unobtrusive, letting your day direct the photography rather than the other way around.  You might have lots of friends helping out with your wedding, so think of Jon as your friend with a camera, but your friend who’s dedicated to the single job of documenting your wedding with no distractions.  You can relax knowing he’ll be somewhere nearby as the action happens, recording all the significant moments and turning them into permanent memories.

We always tailor our service to suit our couples and sensitivity, privacy and discretion are part of what we offer.

Two men

Exchanging rings at a gay wedding in Dorset

We are proud to offer lesbian and gay wedding photography Bournemouth and throughout Dorset and Hampshire. If you love our style but want to marry somewhere different, we also provide gay wedding photography throughout the UK.

We’d love to be your gay wedding photographer. For details of what we offer, please get in touch using the contact form.

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Dorset Photographer – Swanage Lifeboat Calendar

On a Saturday morning, Dorset photographer Jon Roach can usually be found in his comfort zone at a wedding.  So it was a great honour, and a real treat, to be asked to take photos of the Swanage Lifeboat team for their 2014 calendar!

You can buy the calendar from the Swanage RNLI shop in town, or from the station, and it’s only £5.  All the proceeds go towards the funds for the new Swanage lifeboat station.  The new station will house the brand new Shannon-class lifeboat, there is some more information and some really nice action photos on the Swanage Lifeboat blog.

The brief was to provide a range of photos that showcased the lifeboats, the crew, and the volunteers who give up their time to help save lives along the Dorset coast.  My thanks to everyone who turned out in the “realistic” weather and gave me their time and their patience to help achieve some results that I’m very proud of.

Please enjoy looking through some of my favourites from the morning, and then get yourself along to Swanage and buy the calendar.  Or better still, buy lots!


The volunteer crew of both Swanage lifeboats; the Mersey class all weather lifeboat and the D Class inshore lifeboat.


Becky and Sam are an integral part of Swanage lifeboat crew. Female crew make up 10% of the RNLI’s total of 4600 crew.


The inshore lifeboat crew are able to respond very rapidly to nearby incidents. All the crews are highly skilled and trained in First Aid, sea survival and navigation.


Our lifeboat crews are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The picture shows some of the all weather crew with the current boathouse in the background.


Swanage lifeboat all weather crew, photographed with the current boat from inside the boathouse.


Coxswain Martin Steeden has been involved with Swanage Lifeboat Station since 1977 and has been Coxswain since 2000.


Mechanic Dave Turnbull has been part of the crew for over 20 years, 12 of them as Mechanic. Dave ensures that both boats are in perfect working order and ready for every launch and is employed full time at the station.


Shore crew are an important part of any station and are there to ensure the safe launch and recovery of the lifeboats.


A few of an army of volunteers that make up Swanage Lifeboat Fundraisers. These volunteers stage many events, stalls, shows, man the RNLI shop, invite the public into the boathouse, and raise some of the funds needed to run the RNLI.


There are many people involved in every lifeboat station and at Swanage we merge into one big family.

Dorset photographer Jon Roach is based in Christchurch and provides wedding and portrait photography throughout Dorset including Bournemouth, Poole and Purbeck.  To enquire about availability please use the “Contact Us” button!

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September 25, 2013 - 9:14 pm

Stephen K. Shefrin Photography - Great group shots

October 1, 2013 - 9:53 pm

Jon Roach - Thanks Stephen, we worked really hard beforehand to visualise them which made it much easier to make it all happen on the day!

Bournemouth Family Portrait Photography

Family portrait photography can be a formal studio affair, or it can be completely relaxed and natural.  It all depends what kind of result you’d like.  Children often feel most comfortable in the familiar surroundings of their own home.  Once your children feel comfortable, it makes the shoot a fun experience for us all.  This is vital to getting natural and relaxed photos, the kind of shots that truly capture your family’s personalities.

Here’s a slide-show of some Bournemouth family portrait photography.  It all came together over the course of an hour or so with Dawn, Adam, and their son Charlie.  You can’t rush these things, especially when a hulking great stranger starts waving a big black camera around.  In Charlie’s case, I think he’d relaxed fully when he started chewing on part of my camera.  It was really nice of Charlie to share some of his favourite toys with me, and he was very forgiving when, rolling about on the floor to get the best angles, I knocked his tower of cups over.

After some time inside we popped out into the garden in the warm weather, and I love the shots of Charlie and Adam face to face on the lawn with Adam tickling Charlie with a stalk of grass.  I shoot in colour and as usual I showed Dawn and Adam a set of pictures in both colour and black and white treatments, but I love black and white people photos because without the distractions of colour you can really emphasise people’s expressions and emotions.

Charlie’s a great kid and I’m really pleased to be able to give Dawn and Adam these memories of Charlie at this point in his life.  It’s a terrible cliché, but they grow and change so fast that it’s easy to forget what they were truly like when they were that small!

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August 14, 2013 - 9:35 pm

Matt - Brisbane Photographer - The water in the center is a great choice!

September 2, 2013 - 5:09 am

Stephen K. Shefrin Photography - very nice. good work

September 2, 2013 - 7:11 pm

Jon Roach - Thank you Stephen!

September 2, 2013 - 7:14 pm

Jon Roach - Thank you Matt – there was a time I almost fell in, but that’s another story!