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Bournemouth Wedding Photography Langtry Manor

It was a great day to do some Bournemouth wedding photography at Langtry Manor!   Paula and Martin’s Bournemouth wedding at the Langtry Manor Hotel was going to be terrific fun and a day really in keeping with their personalities.

Langtry Manor Hotel in Bournemouth, a romantic wedding destination and a great venue for a wedding photographer Bournemouth

This was my second visit, I knew from my recce visit that Langtry Manor in Bournemouth was a beautiful venue with some really romantic historical charm.  Nowadays Langtry Manor is a boutique hotel in a quiet corner of Bournemouth, but behind the ornate Edwardian decadence is a royal romance with a whiff of scandal!  It’s one of the best places in town to be a wedding photographer Bournemouth.

Wedding Photographer Bournemouth – Getting Ready

I started the day with Paula and her bridesmaids, who were having a ball making the most of the lazy morning to get ready together.  Being there with a bride as she prepares for her wedding day is a real privilege because sometimes she can be feeling a little vulnerable and so it takes a bit of sensitivity to work out how each bride is feeling as I knock on the door.  Good for Paula and her bridesmaids they were having a fun and happy time so I got some fun candids as hair, make-up and nails were arranged to perfection.

A fun wedding photograph of Paula getting ready for her wedding!

Langtry Manor Wedding Photographer – The King’s Room

While this was going on I popped across the hall to the King’s Room where in the wonderful light streaming through the window I got some still life shots of the flowers and Paula’s stunning dress hanging on the door.  The King’s Room is truly gorgeous and I spent quite some time taking photos there to record all the little details of this beautiful hideaway.

Detail of a simple cream rose wedding bouquet from wedding photographer Bournemouth Jon Roach


The amazing four poster bed in the King

Wedding Photographer Bournemouth – Final Touches at the Langtry Manor Hotel

As the preparations intensified there were some wonderful moments where the girls were lined up behind one another each doing the next girl’s hair or fixing a dress, which made for a lot of natural relaxed photos with a lot of interest.  Just the job for a wedding photographer Bournemouth!  Meanwhile, Martin and his best man put in an appearance, arriving outside the Langtry Manor Hotel in Martin’s immaculate Honda decked out with pink ribbon for the occasion!

Martin and the boys arrive for his Langtry Manor wedding in Bournemouth

While Martin and his groomsmen relaxed outside, I nipped back to catch the last few finishing touches to Paula’s outfit and then down she came with her Dad, ready for her wedding.

Paula and her Dad come down the staircase of the Langtry Manor Hotel for her Bournemouth wedding

Langtry Manor Wedding Photography – The Ceremony

The weather was beautiful, dry and warm, so the ceremony was held in the garden gazebo.  It was especially moving because Paula lit a candle for her Mum who had passed away, and then as the ceremony finished the celebrations could start!  This is where having a professional wedding photographer Bournemouth meant that the guests could relax and enjoy themselves without too much hanging around.

Paula and Martin exchange vows, captured by wedding photographer Bournemouth Jon Roach LBIPP


Garden wedding ceremony at the Langtry Manor Hotel

We took a series of fun group shots on the red carpet while the guests enjoyed their Buck’s Fizz, and then it was time to go over to the nearby Langtry Lodge to continue the fun!  You can read more about the wedding reception in this post.

Bournemouth Wedding Photography – everything set up for the reception

Following the ceremony we headed over to Langtry Lodge, where Paula’s friends had made a huge effort to get the venue looking perfect for Paula and Martin’s wedding reception.  The tables were decked with butterflies and confetti, and each was named after a particular wine.  After getting some photos of the room setup and all the little details of the table settings for the reception, I stopped and lingered by the truly elegant cake, in three tiers with sugar flowers and a beautiful dancing couple as the cake topper.

Bournemouth wedding photography of Paula and Martin


Details of the butterfly table settings from Paula and Martin


Wedding Photography Langtry Manor – the wedding breakfast and the speeches

Paula and Martin came over and were touched by how beautiful everything looked, and invited all their guests to join them, by way of an emotional receiving line with a huge number of hugs.  Following a delicious meal the speeches started, beginning with a short but impromptu one from Nigel, a great effort from best man Doug, a quick speech from Martin, and a grand finale from Paula!

Bournemouth wedding photography capturing the moment as Nigel starts the speeches and toasts during Paula and Martin


A candid moment during the wedding reception speeches


Langtry Manor wedding photographer – the evening party

After the speeches and toasts, everybody relaxed in the inviting gardens of Langtry Lodge and enjoyed the summer sun.  We took Paula and Martin away for a portrait session back at the Langtry Manor Hotel, using the gardens and also in the King’s Room.  This is one of the aspects of Bournemouth wedding photography I really enjoy, using the venue to its full potential.

Weddings at the Langtry Manor Hotel in Bournemouth


Afterwards we headed back for some more fun in the gardens of Langtry Lodge.  Paula and Martin cut that beautiful cake together, and rounded off the fun with a terrific bouquet toss and a wonderfully romantic first dance.  Then as the evening drew in and the party got into gear I took my leave of Paula and Martin and headed home – congratulations Mr and Mrs Rowley and best wishes for a long and happy future together!  Thanks for letting me document your wonderful day through Bournemouth wedding photography!

Paula gets ready to throw her bouquet in the garden of the Langtry Lodge


First dance for Paula and Martin

If you’ve enjoyed our Bournemouth wedding photography telling the unforgettable story of Paula and Martin’s Langtry Manor Hotel wedding in Bournemouth, and you or someone you know needs a wedding photographer, please get in touch!

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