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Professional Qualification for Dorset wedding photographer

The British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) is the qualifying body for professional photographers in the UK and their qualifications are recognised across the world as a benchmark of excellence.  The BIPP awards three levels of professional qualification – Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship.  Each qualification represents increasing levels of experience, skill, and achievement.

I am delighted to have become a Licentiate of the British Institute of Professional Photographers.  This means that as well as pleasing the most important people, my clients, fellow professionals have made a positive judgement about my wedding work.

To achieve this qualification, your work is scrutinised by five extremely well respected professional photographers who decide whether your submission (or panel as it is known) is good enough to pass.  Each panel concentrates on a particular subject area (weddings for me) and consists of twenty prints (10 from a single wedding and ten from other weddings) plus a Working Profile which is essentially a supporting document containing background information, a brief CV, commentary for each image and an indication of the order in which your selected images should be arranged.  The assessment takes place at the BIPP headquarters near Aylesbury.

The panel of 20 images has to include 10 from one wedding, and 10 from a selection of other weddings.  You can see the  images from my successful Licentiate panel here.

I am absolutely indebted to Malcolm Sales ABIPP for mentoring me – for providing so much encouragement and critical advice, without which I’d have been lost.  Thank you Malcolm – I am very grateful.

My next goal is to achieve my Associateship, which means making another step improvement in my photography, but with the help of the BIPP I’m sure I can do it!

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